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Our foundation together with a young and active deputy from Gostomel Nadia Dudnik have visited the University of Information Technologies and Management in Rzeszow where we’ve met with students who joined the University this year with the help of Foundation. Vladislav and Vita shared their experiences and told various interesting stories from universities life. Despite the short time, they almost completely mastered the Polish language and actively joined the learning process!

We were impressed by the technical equipment of the University and the care of the environment. The University employee has shown us several modern computer classes, where students are able to learn during their study and free time, big and modern library, as well as places of recreation and cultural activities. On each floor, we saw containers for separate garbage collection, which then goes on recycling.

We wish success to our students – Vladislav and Vita, and also prepare to help other entrants who are planning to enter this University next year!


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