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After a long and hard time of preparing with two youth football teams we went to Dobiegniew (Poland) to take part in the International football tournament Dobiegniew Cup 2016. This tournament took place since 1995 with the support of local authorities and Kazimierz Gorski Foundation. In the picturesque town in Poland annually gathered more than 80 children and teenager teams in the age groups of 8 to 17 years. This year this tournament collected more than 100 teams from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and other European countries. There were 9 teams totally in the age group U-15 in which have played both of our teams. Our guys opposed such strong opponents as the teenage professional team from Lithuania, the football academies from the cities of Krakow and Debica, the local football club with the 70-year history Blękitni Dobiegniew and other strong teams.

During the time from July 1 to July 9 a fierce struggle has took place on 9 football fields. Playing two games per day, the guys discovered all the secret storage facilities of physical strength, invincibility and will to win. In the incredibly exciting matches the Ceramprom team won the 4th place and the other team from the city of Irpin 7th place among 9 teams.

We would like to thank all the nonindifferent people and affiliated organizations including the Kazimierz Gorsky Foundation, municipality of Dobiegniev city, the administration of the Gostomel and Bucha, Ceramprom company and personally its director Boris Bevzenko, as well as parents who took an active part in preparing to the trip for the opportunity to participate in this outstanding event!


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