Who we are?

Charitable Foundation Chesna Sprava was established by a team of enthusiasts who want positive changes in Ukraine. We regret to notice that Ukrainian youth doesn’t have any oportunities to develop and improve their natural born talents. They are destroing their future and health with smoking and alcohol abuse. Free education for them is not really for free as it must be!

The most important is the understanding that all of this problems have place in the era of advanced technology and technological revolution of the 21-st century!

Just think about how many talented and gifted youth can’t develop their skills and show themselves to the world because of these problems?

That’s why our Foundation has chosen sports, educational and cultural projects as a main areas of its activity in order to enable young people of Ukraine to self-fulfillment and improve themselves and their talents.

Our country has not only beautyful landscapes, natural resources and other useful stuff, but also talented, kind and bright people!

Our main goals:

* To give youth the oportunities to improve their talents;

* Organize international events to enrich their outlook;

* Promote familiarization with the world and gain succesfull experience from other countries;

* Help youth to understand how to make their country better.

Our team: 

President of the Foundation – Eduard Anokhin

Co-founder of the Foundation – Olga Anokhina

Successfully implemented events