How many talents have grown and still hides in Ukraine?

How many outstanding sons and daughters of Ukraine has gained worldwide recognition and respect?

If you think there are a lot of cocerned people you are right!

The project primarily is to promote the spread of Ukrainian culture in Ukraine and abroad. Writers, musicians, composers and performers, painters and artists and many talents and inventors should be able to express themselves on the world!

It is aimed at projects under this program.


What is the meaning of success for each of us?

Right, invest in education, development and improvement of yourself!

The better the quality of education young people receive, the more it is likely to fulfill their potential in the future opportunities and apply knowledge and skills for the benefit of their families and country!

Unfortunately, in most cases the approach to secondary and higher education in Ukraine has remained at the level of “We are learning what is necessary and not necessary”. Personality development and Practical advice is not for us. Learn what the system gives, because we did not practice what we are teaching. Teachers are forced to think not only how to improve the knowledge, but on where to earn some money not to die from hunger. That is why we want to give our young people the opportunity to get better education and realize their potential. Within the framework of the program, our Foundation, together with domestic and foreign partners, develops and launches educational projects, such as: various educational and preparatory courses, training seminars and affiliate programs with foreign universities.

Health and Sport

We don’t agree to see Ukrainian teenagers with a bottle of beer and cigarettes in their hands!

Sport is part of our life and a guarantee of a healthy future!

The Foundation Chesna Sprava realizes sports projects, including the organization of a variety of sports and recreational activities for children and teenagers in Ukraine and abroad. We are seeking and establishing relationships with various Ukrainian and international sports organizations and seek opportunities for joint organization of interesting and educational activities for youth.