Dear Friends!

On 14-th of October the picturesque village of Gostomel has celebrated the 524-th anniversary!
We are very grateful to Yuri Prilipko who is the mayor of Gostomel for the invitation and the opportunity to perform a classical music concert Autumn Melodies, which has opened the celebration on the central square of the village!

The white Yamaha grand piano, kindly provided by the “In-Jazz” musical instrument store, charmingly shoned in the sun and captivated the listeners with light and melodic works performed by talented pianists Valeriya Todoseychuk, Diana Ostrolyukskaya, Valerya Maksimova, Denis Piskunov and Vladislav Kaznodij. They are laureates of a lot of Ukrainian and international contests and studying under the direction of prof. Iya Pavlova.
An honorable guest at this concert was the famous conductor from Switzerland, Mr. Silvio Wyler, with whom we had the honor to meet at the end of 2017.
He has highly appreciated the sincereness and technique of performing our pianists and thanked for the supporting of culture in Ukraine.


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