Dear Friends

Despite the overcast sky we have visited an extraordinary event that brought many positive and vibrant impressions on Saturday, April 18!
At the kind invitation of our partners, we got to the XIV international gymnastics competition organized by olimpic champion Stella Zakharova and her husband Viktor Khlus.
Human can everything! That was showed by young athletes who contrary to the laws of gravity and made in the air a spectacular somersault and other gymnastic figures!
After the opening ceremony, the audience was able to enjoy a wonderful concert where talented Ukrainian performers not only sang but also demonstrated the aerobatic tricks.
Also, in these competitions we had the honor of seeing the former gymnasts, Manilchuk (Kunits) Larisa and Stromilova (Batova) Irina, who during 1972-1977 performed excellently in various competitions of the Ukrainian SSR, and today they came to support young gymnasts!
During the competition, we sincerely favored our young athletes who defended the honor of Ukraine with dignity and once again showed the world what talents our country is cherishing!


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