Dear Friends
We launched the Polish language courses for children and adults in Gostomel secondary School 13 as part of the Education direction of the Foundation in partnership with the Kiev language courses Closer to the Dream. Classes will be held twice a week in order to teach the Polish language as efficiently and quickly as possible.
On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the first lesson took place which gathered the first children’s group of listeners who liked the relaxed and playful atmosphere of the lesson with young and professional teacher Tetiana.
Guys, in the first group only beautiful and smart girls gathered together so don’t hesitate and join!
Many thanks for the help we want to express to the Gostomel mayor Mr. Yuriy Prilipko, the secretary of the mayor Mrs. Olena Kislytsia and deputy of the settlement Mr. Oleg Popovichuk.
We also thank for the help and support of this initiative to parent committee and the school head, Mrs. Kateryna Pavlenko.

Gostomel community and parents can be proud of such capable and talented children who want to gain new knowledge and lay the fundament for a sure future already today!


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