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it was just incredible!

Ancient estate where performed Frederic Chopin now invites people from all over Europe to concerts and various performances like theater, poetry and so on. Inside the estate is the atmosphere of antiquity and modernity prevails, skillfully hand-woven by talented restorers. The brilliant black handsome Kawai produces pure and insightful emotions of the pianist, penetrating deep into the depths of the human soul!
We are very grateful to the Federic Chopin Society in Warsaw, the European Art Center in Sanniki and all those who help our Foundation to implement this project and for the opportunity to perform in such an outstanding and atmospheric location.
Diana Ostroulutskaya together with the famous Polish actor Maciek Robakiewicz performed an emotionally and expressive concert program where the wonderful music crossed with poetry.
The audience was simply enthusiastic about such a beautiful combination.


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