Dear Friends

On the eve of Christmas, our foundation made a work trip to Poland. We left behind 3500 km and many interesting and important meetings.

In the small but extremely beautiful city of Krosno which has very developed sports infrastructure and worldwide well-known glass factory, we were glad to see the director of the city’s sport complex Mr. Antony Dembits, and the city’s vice-mayor, Mr. Bronislav Baran. At a meeting we talked about possible cooperation in the near future and signed an agreement on cooperation in the areas of sports, education and culture.

After Krosno we visited Debica city where we met with partners and friends of our foundation and where, several months ago, our teenage team from eastern Ukraine had been so warmly welcomed.

In Warsaw, we met with the direction of the Kazimierz Gorski Foundation with whom we talked about the possibility of the participation of two Ukrainian teams in the international children’s football tournament Dobiegniew Cup which has been conducted in Dobiegniew for many years. On the following day we went to meet with the mayor of this city Mr. Leshek Valoch, which was organized with the assistance of Mr Janusz Jesionek.

A very joyful news for us was the information that the Kazimierz Gorski Foundation will assume the costs for participating of one of our teams in this tournament.

The meetings have been held, the tasks and goals for the next year are clearly outlined, so we can have a good mood to celebrate the New Year!

Merry hristmass and best wishes to everyone!


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